Bullens Lion Safari Park in Australia

Bullens Lion Safari Park
Owner1968: Stafford Bullen (1925–2001)
Closed down1991
StateNew South Wales
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Bullens Lion Safari Park, located at Warragamba, in Sydney, in Australia, was founded in 1968. Bullens Lion Safari Park closed down in 1991.

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The African Lion Safari opened by Stafford Bullen in 1968, operated near Warragamba on the outskirts of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia, however sometime after this it relocated to neighbouring Wallacia, it eventually closed in 1991.

The park continued to hold animals there that were used in a circus. On August 7, 1995 several lionesses escaped from the park, terrorised the nearby townships of Warragamba & Silverdale and killed a dog. The lioness responsible for killing the dog was shot. As a result of the escape the park was required to upgrade facilities. A bear had also previously escaped and was shot by residents.
A number of water buffalo also escaped the park after it closed and are now living wild in the surrounding bushland.


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