Top Slip Kozhikkamuthy Elephant camp (Annaimalai) in India

Top Slip Kozhikkamuthy Elephant camp (Annaimalai)

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OwnerTamil Nadu Forest Departement
Address 178, Meenkarai Road
Zip-code 642 001
Place Pollachi
Region Tamil Nadu
Country India


Key People

Veterinarians: A. Sukumar (veterinarian)
-1966: S. Gopalan (head veterinarian)
1957-1961: Vaidyanathan Krishnamurthy (veterinarian)

Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants

Elephant keepers: M. Kirumaran
-: Bomma
-: Chandran
-: Jayachandran
-: Mani
-: Vijayan
-: A. Chandrasekar
-: P. Chinnappan
-: R. Gopalan
-: Kananan
-: Kanappan
-: Karupuswamy
-: B Kethan
-: Kumar
-: K. Madan
-: M Madan
-: Mailswamy
-: P. Manakadavan
-: K. Manban
-: M. Manban
-: M Maran
-: ? Marigan
-: M Marigan
-: K. Marikan
-: K. Masanan
-: Murugan
-: Natarajan
-: Palani
-: V. Palaniswami
-: K. Palaniswamy
-: Prakash
-: Raju
-: Ramaswamy
-: Ramesh
-: K. Soman
-: Thriumurthy
-: A. Velai
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Top Slip Kozhikkamuthy Elephant camp (Annaimalai), located at 178, Meenkarai Road, in Pollachi, India .

Living elephants

At the Top Slip Kozhikkamuthy Elephant camp (Annaimalai) lives 20 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Abinaya born 2007
  2. Andal
  3. Barani (twin) born 1986-01-20
  4. Bullu
  5. Durga
  6. Kalim born 1969
  7. Kapil dev born 1983-05-05
  8. Mariappan born 1989
  9. Raj vardhan born ~2002
  10. Ram born ~1972
  11. Selvi
  12. Sivakami born ~1951
  13. Surya born 1976
  14. Tamilan born 2009?
  15. unknown born 2010-04-00
  16. unknown born 2005-07-06
  17. unknown born 2019?
  18. unknown born ~2014
  19. Valli born ~1947
  20. Vikram born 1999

Comments / picturesFrom 1953-2002 Dr. Vaidyanathan Krishnamurthy, Indias maybe most famous Veterinarian, was responsible for care and management of Topslips elephants.

2012-01-22: Ten-year-old Abhinaya was the centre of attraction at the Elephant Pongal celebrations organised at Top Slip near Pollachi on Saturday....Elephant Pongal celebrations organised at Top Slip near Pollachi on Saturday; The other 13 elephants present were Bharani (27), Nanjan (51), Ramu (42), Kalpana Chawla (32), Mariyappan (24), Pari (31), Vikram (14), Selvi (52), Sivagami (61), Vijayalakshmi (59) and Durga (17). Other elephants which could not attend the celebrations due to health problems were Kaleem (45), Surya (38), Venkatesh (28), Kapil Dev (29), Rajvardhan (13) and Suyambu (14). Valli (67) and Saradha (57) had already retired from their service and did not participate.

2014: 18 elephants in the camp; eight were males aged 24-49 years, six females aged 30-65 years and four male calves aged 3-13 years.

2018: At present, there are six kumkis and 10 female captive elephants at Kozhikamuthy elephant camp.

2019-07-04: Kumki elephants Suyambu (24) and Venkatesh (32) from Anamalai Tiger Reserve will be shifted to Chadivayal camp of Coimbatore forest division.

The two will replace kumkis Cheran (32) and John (27) of Chadivayal camp, who will be sent to Theppakkadu in Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. Cheran and John were shifted from Theppakkadu to Chadivayal in April last year.

2020-09-21: 41-year-old cow elephant died of age-related ailments at the elephant camp near Pollachi in the district on Monday, forest officials said. The elephant Kalpana in the Kolikamuthy camp in Top Slip area had been suffering from the ailments for the last two months and been under treatment, they said.

2022: The Anamalai Tiger Reserve (ATR) is yet to get a dedicated veterinarian despite being a protected habitat of endangered Species such as tiger, elephant, the Nilgiri tahr (also the State animal of Tamil Nadu), Lion-tailed Macaque and home to more than 20 camp elephants. The ATR administration is currently seeking the support of A. Sukumar, Forest Veterinary Officer of Coimbatore forest division, and veterinarian Rajesh Kumar of MTR for important veterinary interventions ranging from treatment of camp elephants to autopsy of animals like tiger

2022-04-17: The camp houses 27 elephants.

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