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Gollmar Brothers Circus
CountryUnited States

Head keepers
of elephants
1922-1923: Joe Metcalf
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Gollmar Brothers Circus, in Baraboo, United States, was founded in 1922.

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1910: The show carries 120 head of stock, mostly dapple grays, and in fine condition. In the menagerie are fifteen cages of animals, seven elephants, seven camels, including a baby camel, and a string of ponies.
New York clippings 1910

1922: During 1922 the American Circus Corp. imported a number of small Indian elephants. These were green and unbroken animals and they had to be worked with considerably before they were ready for the ring. Arriving on Gollmar Bros. during the 1922 season were Modoc, Jewel, Pearl, Judy, all females, and Danny, a male.

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