Benson Wild Animal Farm in United States

Benson Wild Animal Farm
Benson elephants with elephant trainer Bret Bronson.
Benson elephants with elephant trainer Bret Bronson.

Local name Bedford Zoo

Owner 1979-1987: Arthur Provencher
Last elephant left1987
Closed down1987
Place Hudson, New Hampshire
Country United States
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Key People


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
: Jamie Clement
(elephant trainer)
1979-: Larry Records
(elephant trainer)
1968-: Pinky Madison
(elephant trainer)
-: Bret Bronson
(elephant head-keeper)
-1968: Slivers Madison
(elephant trainer)

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Benson Wild Animal Farm, in Hudson, New Hampshire, United States , was founded in 1924. The last elephant left in 1987. Benson Wild Animal Farm closed down in 1987.

Comments / picturesBenson\'s Wild Animal Farm was a long-running private zoo and amusement park in Hudson, New Hampshire.

The African Jackie came thru animal broker - Earl Tatum. I believe he had imported a small Group (5-7). This was the last of the Group, he delivered her in August 1980.Bret Bronson, 2010

Queen & Liz plus, a 3rd elephant Ruth came to Bensons Animal Park in New Hampshire in 1963. Ruth was sold privately in 1978. Queen & Liz remained at the park until Feb. '88. They were sold, along with 'Jackie' an African, the previous fall at the park liquidation auction to Hawhtorn Corp (John Cuneo).
Bret Bronson, 2009-03-16

It closed in 1987, after having been renamed New England Playworld for its final year. The state of New Hampshire acquired the property in 1989, and much of the land is now preserved.

Sold in 1979 to Arthur Provencher.

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