Deceased elephants at Tsavo National Park in Kenya

This database list 20 dead elephants

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival locationImport
1+ ♀ LA Mumo < 1 Born: wild 2021-09-10
x Makena
Dead:>2021-09-11, pathological collapsed, sunburn and dehydrated after long marsch
2+ ♂ LA Lugard 15Born: wild 2007
x Lissa
Dead:2022-11-21? (15 years after arrival), unknown
3+ ♂ LA Wide Satao 15Born: wild Dead:2021-12-13, age
4+ ♂ LA Il Talal 15Born: wild Dead:2021-06-17?, poached spear wound
5+ ♀ LA Namunyak 15Born: wild Dead:2020-03-27, unknown
6+ ♂ LA JulianBorn: wild ~1970 Dead:2020-01-00, age
7+ ♂ LA Satao IIBorn: wild Dead:2017-03-00, poached shot with a poisoned arrow
8+ ♂ LA Kamboyo (wild)Born: wild Dead:2017-02-19?, age
9+ ♀ LA F_MU1 (wild) Local id: F_MU1 60Born: wild 1957 Dead:2017, age
10+ ♂ LA Kenani (wild) 60Born: wild Dead:2016-07-19, poached shot
11+ ♂ LA Satao 50Born: wild 1964? Dead:2014-05-30, poached shot with poisoned arrow
12+ ♀ LA Selengai 9Born: wild 2003-03-00 Dead:2012-10-02, poached DSWT Ithumba
13+ ♀ LA Loisaba 13Born: wild 1998-01-00 Dead:2011-06-28, disease pneumonia indicating Tuberculosis or Cancer DSWT Voi
14+ ♂ LA Samson 13Born: wild 1953 Dead:, euthanised poisoned from distance by poachers with akokanthera arrow poison1954-00-00 DSWT Voi
15+ ♀ LA Fatuma 13Born: wild 1952 Dead:, unknown 1964-00-00 Sheldricks elephant orphanage
16+ ♀ LA Eleanor Local id: 21 13Born: wild 1958 Dead:, age 1996-06-00 DSWT Voi
17+ ♀ LA Sobo 13Born: wild Dead:, unknown Sheldricks elephant orphanage
18+ ♀ LA Dida 13Born: wild Dead:, unknown
19+ ♂ LA Samson 13Born: wild ~1952 Dead:, Sheldricks elephant orphanage
20+ ♂ LA Bukanezi 13Born: wild Dead:, poached Sheldricks elephant orphanage

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Facts about Deceased elephants at Tsavo National Park in Kenya, Elephant Encyclopedia, Koehl, D. (2024), available online retrieved 23 June 2024 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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Latest updateName of elephantSource (if it is a website, the target website will open in new window)
2020-08-11 F_MU1 (wild):•
2020-08-10 Kenani (wild):•
2020-08-10 Wide Satao:•
2020-08-10 Kamboyo (wild):•
2020-04-26 Namunyak:•
2020-03-05 Julian:•
2018-11-24 Eleanor:•
2018-10-24 Loisaba:•
2018-10-24 Selengai:•
2018-10-20 Bukanezi:•
2018-10-19 Fatuma:•
2018-10-19 Sobo:•
2018-10-19 Samson:•
2018-05-12 Satao:•
2017-03-07 Satao II:•
2012-03-31 Mumo:•
2012-03-31 Il Talal:•
2012-03-29 Dida:•
2011-11-10 Lugard:•

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