Tucson Reid Park Zoo (Randolph Park Zoo) in United States

Tucson Reid Park Zoo (Randolph Park Zoo)

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Address1030 South Randolph Way
PlaceTucson, Arizona
CountryUnited States
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"Established informally as Gene C. Reid Zoo in 1965 by Gene Reid, then the Director of Parks and Recreation, the zoo officially became a part of the City of Tucson in 1967. Founded in 1975 and officially incorporated in 1976, Tucson Zoological Society is a membership-based 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation that supports the city-owned Reid Park Zoo. TZS is dedicated to enhancing the value of Reid Park Zoo itself to the community. African and Asian elephants are housed together at Reid Park Zoo."

"On Tuesday, June 21, 2005, the Mayor and Tucson City Council unanimously passed a resolution committing the City to expand the zoo in accordance with the Master Plan and committing to upgrade the elephant exhibit in accordance with the new AZA standards for elephant exhibits. This resolution, which has been accepted by the American Zoo & Aquarium Association, will allow Reid Park Zoo to maintain its two elephants, Connie and Shaba, to proceed with the breeding of Shaba and to prepare for the ultimate housing of an elephant herd of up to six animals."