Kelly Miller Circus in United States

Kelly Miller Circus
Local name Al G-Kelly Miller Brothers Circus

Owner 1937-: Kelly Miller
1937-: D. R. Miller
1937-1969: Obert Miller
Closed down2018
Place Hugo
Region Oklahoma
Country United States

Directors 1937: Lydia Miller (assistant director)
1937: Isla Miller (assistant director)
2007-2018: John Ringling North II (director)

Key People -: Ira Watts (superintendent)
-: Kennedy Swain Sr. (artist)
1951-: Hope McLennan (animal trainer)
1994: Roy Wells (menagerie superintendent)


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
1952: Fred Logan
(elephant superintendent)
1951: Don McLennan
(elephant trainer)
-: Shirley Logan
(elephant trainer)
-: John Carrol
(assistant elephant superintendent)
1943-1943: John Herriot
(elephant trainer)
1949-1952: William Woodcock Sr.
(elephant trainer)
1947-1952: Fred Logan
(assistant elephant superintendent)
2017-2018: Joey Frisco
(elephant trainer)

Elephant keepers
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Kelly Miller Circus, in Hugo, United States , was founded in 1938. Kelly Miller Circus closed down in 2018.

Comments / picturesThe Al G. Kelly Miller Brothers Circus was created in 1938 by Obert Miller and his sons Kelly and Dory.

Kelly Miller Circus in United States United+StatesAl G. Kelly Miller elephants in 1943.Pictured on the left is Mena,next Tena,then two little ones Bonnie , and India.Sadly Mena passed away later that year.

Later Millers bought Mary Ann,and Mona from the Polack show.

In 1952, 23 elephants was listed in the menagerie.

In 1958, while the Kelly-Miller circus was traveling through Cuba, Fidel Castro seized power. Shirley and the entire circus was held captive by Castro’s forces for several weeks before finally being released.

The show eventually was closed and the Millers went on to purchase the Carson and Barnes Circus (still operated by the family today), along with other shows. The original name of their first show was reincarnated under leadership of David Rawls in 1984, operated until 2006. At one point in the 1980s, the name was shortened simply to "Kelly Miller Circus."

From its new beginnings in 1984, the show has leased elephants from the Carson and Barnes Circus. No elephants have been owned following its closure by Obert Miller decades earlier.

In 2007, the show was purchased by John Ringling North, grandson of Mabel Ringling (sister to the Ringling Brothers).

2017: North, 77, is the last of his famous circus family in the business. His grandmother was the original seven Ringling brother\\'s only sister.

There is nobody to take the show on the road next year after North retires at the end of Kelly Miller\' s season this year. The show was founded in 1938 as the Al G. Kelly Miller Brothers Circus and would celebrate its 80th anniversary next year if a successor is found.

With many states and cities enacting bans on circus elephants and other exotic animals, North said he wouldn't be able to book Kelly Miller\\'s season next year unless he did it without animals.

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