Present living elephants at Oklahoma City Zoo in United States

This database list 7 elephants

OriginAgeDOBParentsArrivalArrival from location
1 SSP id: 00 KaiEM Fcaptive-born 32018-10-09Rex (Bimbo, Barney) x Asha2018-10-09
2 SSP id: 245 BambooEM Fwild 551966-11-00 x 2015-05-00Woodland Park Zoo
3 SSP id: 764 AcharaEM Fcaptive-born 72014-12-22Rex (Bimbo, Barney) x Asha2014-12-22
4 SSP id: 365 AshaEM Fcaptive-born 261995-02-02Onyx (Big Mac) x Connie (Pinky)2010-10-18Tulsa Zoo
5 SSP id: 385 ChandraEM Fcaptive-born 251996-07-02Onyx (Big Mac) x Moola2010-10-18Tulsa Zoo
6 SSP id: 538 KandulaEM Mcaptive-born 202001-11-25Calvin (Chanda) x Shanthi2015-10-00Smithsonian National Zoological Park
7 SSP id: 263 Rex (Bimbo, Barney)EM Mwild 531968 x 2011-12-13African Lion Safari

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Facts about present living elephants at Oklahoma City Zoo in United States at Oklahoma City Zoo in United States, Elephant Encyclopedia, Koehl, D. (2021), available online retrieved 14 April 2021 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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