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Basel Zoo
The Basel elephant house and enclosure 1998. Photo: Dr. Harald Schwammer, Zoo Vienna.
The Basel elephant house and enclosure 1998. Photo: Dr. Harald Schwammer, Zoo Vienna.

First elephant arrived1886
Address Binningerstrasse 40
Zip-code CH-4011
Place Basel
Country Switzerland
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Basel Zoo, located at Binningerstrasse 40, in Basel, Switzerland , was founded in 1874 and the first elephant arrived in 1886.

Living elephants

At the Basel Zoo lives 4 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Heri born 1976
  2. Maya born 1995
  3. Rosy born 1995
  4. Tusker born 1992

Comments / picturesThe elephants are worked in free contact, also in training shows, and afternoon shower and bathing of the elephants in the pool inside the stable can be enjoyed by the public. The house is rather old, from the thirthies, and a new one is on planning stage.

Until a few years ago the elephants gave public rides.

Basel Zoo in Switzerland Switzerland

African elephants, with trainer Werner Behrens (front), assisted by Othmar Stemmler.

1952: During director Dr. Ernst Lang hippos and rhinos were removed from the pacyderm house, and five young elephant calves were imported 1952 by the zoo itself, from southern Tanganyika. 7 elephants were cought in 21. September 1952, under the command of the animal capturer Pelegrini, 5 with destiny for Switzerland; females Ruaha and Indunda, the three males Omari, Katoto and Tembo, (the last bull Tembo reserved for Circus Knie). The elephants were brought to Mombasa, and shipped with "Rjinkerk" through the Suez, to Genua, and arrived with train in Basel SBB on 1. November 1952.

1966: The first elephant was born here 1966, an african, which was the third african elephant ever being born in a zoo!

The bull Kenny, (arrived Basel 1984 from Hannover Zoo, Germany, where he arrived 1970 from Mary Chipperfield, England) died in June 1998 because of severe problems in his hind leg. He was kept off-hand. With the cow Mahari he Sired the bull Pambo, born 1992.04.09, now located in Cabarceno Zoo.

Elephant headkeepers:
1952 Werner Behrens (came 1952-11-08 from Hagenbecks Tierpark)
Peter Wenger
-2002 Philippe Bilger
2002- Thomas Ruby

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