Present living elephants at Bannerghatta National Park in India

No recorded present living elephants
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2008-10-03Jumbos evoke admiration - Elephant News
Killer elephant tramples one more in bangalore - Elephant News
2010-11-06Will they number more than 5,000? - Elephant News
2010-07-18Elephant tramples farmers - Elephant News
Anti-poaching camps for bannerghatta - Elephant News
Elephant ashok's grieving mate attracts crowds to kamla nehru zoo - Elephant News
2020-10-03Many kannada movie stars adopting animals - Elephant News
2020-08-28Bengaluru zoo names elephant calf after infosys’ sudha murthy - Elephant News
Demand for karnataka elephants from other states, 12 to sent to uttarakhand - Elephant News
Rescued jumbos a burden for bannerghatta zoo - Elephant News
Elephant park at bbp soon - Elephant News
Rescued baby elephant brought to bannerghatta biological park (bbp) - Elephant News

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