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San Diego Zoo Safari Park in United States

San Diego Zoo Safari Park

Local name San Diego Wild Animal Park

Address 15500 San Pasqual Valley Road
Zip-code 92027
Place Escondido
Country United States
Website Website


Key People 1972-: Joan Embery (conservationist)


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
1973-: Don McLennan
(elephant trainer)
1976?-1978: Franz Tisch
(elephant trainer)

Elephant keepers
Google map
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San Diego Zoo Safari Park, located at 15500 San Pasqual Valley Road, in Escondido, California, United States .

Living elephants

At the San Diego Zoo Safari Park lives 9 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Kaia born 2018-09-27
  2. Kamile born 2007-09-19
  3. Khosi born 2006-09-11
  4. Musi born 2004-02-23
  5. Ndula born 1990
  6. Qinisa born 2012-08-28
  7. Swazi born 1990
  8. Umngani born 1990
  9. Umzula-Zuli born 2018-08-11

Comments / picturesIn the past also called San Diego Wild Animal Park.

Africans, Sabu and Hatari. ca. 1971-1973

San Diego Zoo Safari Park in United States United+StatesJoan Embery and elephant Carol.

1977: Asian elephants perform in Wild Animal Park\'s first elephant show (trainer Franz Tisch) .

Jean has developed peritonitis, an abdominal infection, and may not survive, a spokesman at the San Diego Wild Animal Park said Wednesday.

Jean, a 19-year-old Asian elephant, was in critical condition Tuesday after she suddenly developed peritonitis and refused to take liquids or food, said Tom Hanscom."She is severely dehydrated and incredibly weak. If she does not show a dramatic turnaround in the next 24 hours, we will probably lose her," said Hanscom.

Jean made elephant history twice this month. In early November she entered her third year of Pregnancy, setting a new record for the longest elephant Gestation. On Nov. 20, after her fetus was found to be dead and decomposing, she underwent an unprecedented Caesarean section.
Deseret News, Nov 30, 1989

In 2003, the San Diego Wild Animal Park & Lowry Park Zoo imported 11 elephants scheduled to be culled from Swaziland. One male and six females stayed in California, while the remaining two bulls and two cows went to Florida.

San Diego Zoo Safari Park in United States United+StatesLetsemba (left), Phakamile, Impunga, Unngani, Khosi, and Mabhulane (back). San Diego Wild Animal Park 12/2007. Photo: © Amanda Pippin

The 224 pound new calf, born on Valentine\'s Day 2010, was born to second time mother Ndula. She gave birth to her first calf shortly after arriving in California pregnant from the wild. He joined a Herd of five males and eight females, and made the sixth calf in the Herd born at the Wild Animal Park.

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