Relocated elephants from Konni Elephant Kraal Reserve in India

Konni Elephant Kraal Reserve had previously 7 elephants relocated to new location.

Nr Sex Species Name Id Status Arrival
Present locationImport
1 ♀ EM - Madurai Sumathi
FC: Born claimed captive-born
Vimalan Radhakrishnan
2 ♂ EM - Malayalapuzha Rajan
FC: Born wild 1966
Malayalappuzha Durga Temple
3 † ♀ EM - Maheswari
dead: Born wild >1930 Dead: 2015-02-09, ? yrs Reason: unknown: collapsed,
Trivandrum Zoo
4 ♂ EM - Surendran
FC: Born unknown ~2001
Muthanga elephant camp (East Wayanad)
5 ♂ EM - Kottoor Soman
FC: Born wild
Kottoor elephant rehabilitation centre (ERC)
6 † ♀ EM - Sami
EEP id: 9403
dead: Born wild 1989 Dead: 2014-07-11, 25 yrs Reason: unknown: 1993-00-00
Madrid Zoo (Casa de Campo)
7 † ⚪ EM - Shilpa
dead: Born Dead: 2003, ? yrs Reason: :
Kodanadu Elephant training centre

Source for the list of elephants relocated, previously living at Konni Elephant Kraal Reserve

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Facts about previously kept elephants, relocated from Konni Elephant Kraal Reserve in India, Elephant Encyclopedia, Koehl, D. (2023), available online retrieved 2 December 2023 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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2021-01-04 Madurai Sumathi:•
2020-10-04 Kottoor Soman:•
2018-09-18 Surendran:•
2018-06-29 Sami:•
2018-05-06 Maheswari:• Jelle Boef
• News article
2018-03-18 Shilpa:•

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