Elephant people from Austria

List of Elephant people from Austria

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Database records of selected members from Austria

  1. Pernitza Koschke, circus assistant director,
  2. Elfi Althoff-Jacobi, circus director, born 1914-04-01, dead 1995-02-22. Daughter of director Rudolf Althoff
  3. Bianca Brandstätter, zoo veterinarian, born ?,
  4. Therese Swoboda, circus director, born 1893, dead 1971.
  5. Jutta Kirchner, zoo photographer, born 1939-08-27,
  6. Friedrich Knie, circus director, born 1784, dead 1850.
  7. Karl Knie, circus director, dead 1860. Son of director Friedrich Knie
  8. Ludwig Knie, circus director, born 1842, dead 1909. Son of director Karl Knie and Anastasia Staudinger
  9. Louis Knie Jr., circus animal trainer, born 1974, Son of director Louis Knie Sr. and Germaine Knie
  10. Louis Knie Sr., circus director, born 1951, Son of director Rolf Knie Sr. and Tina Knie
  11. Heinrich Koschke, circus director, born 1862, dead 1935.
  12. Melanie Koschke, circus animal trainer, Daughter of director Heinrich Koschke and Pernitza Koschke
  13. Angela Mair, zoo director, born ?,
  14. Doris Scheftner, zoo zookeeper, born ?,
  15. Anastasia Staudinger, circus director, born 1808, dead 1881.
  16. Ludwig Swoboda, circus director, born 1881-12-09, dead 1952-05-21.
  17. Therese Swoboda, circus artist, born 1911-08-19, dead 1971-03-24. Daughter of director Ludwig Swoboda and Therese Swoboda
  18. Anita Swoboda, circus director, born 1918-09-09, dead ?. Son of director Ludwig Swoboda and Therese Swoboda
  19. Wanda Swoboda, circus director, born 1913-08-28, Son of director Ludwig Swoboda and Therese Swoboda
  20. Stefanie Swoboda, circus artist, born 1914-09-25, dead 1941-02-20. Son of director Ludwig Swoboda and Therese Swoboda
  21. Krimhilde Swoboda, circus artist, born 1935-07-17, Son of director Ludwig Swoboda and Therese Swoboda

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