Elephant people from France

List of Elephant people from France

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  1. ? ?, circus animal trainer,
  2. ? ?, circus ,
  3. Antonio Agazzi, circus animal trainer, born 1774,
  4. Rose de Lefevre, circus director, born ?, dead ?.
  5. Louis Dejean, circus director, born 1797,
  6. Ralf Fischer, circus director, Son of director Adolf Fischer and Leni Fischer
  7. Joan Kruse, circus animal trainer,
  8. André Francki, zoo director,
  9. Victoire Gautier, circus animal trainer, born 1784, Son of director Jean Baptiste Gautier and Rose de Lefevre
  10. Jean Baptiste Gautier, circus director, born 1758-02-01, dead 1823.
  11. Sofie Goetghebeur, zoo zookeeper,
  12. Sara Houcke, circus animal trainer, born 1977, Daughter of animal trainer Sacha Houcke Jr. and Judith Benson
  13. ? Houcke, circus artist, born ?, dead ?.
  14. Jean Houcke, circus animal trainer, born 1878, dead 1973. Son of artist Eugene Houcke and Fanny Tourniaire
  15. Eugene Houcke, circus artist, born 1878, dead 1973-06-00. Son of director Adolph Houcke and Caroline Steckel
  16. Gilbert Houcke, circus animal trainer, born 1918, dead 1984. Son of animal trainer Sacha Houcke Sr. and ? Houcke
  17. Leonard Houcke, circus artist, born 1816, dead 1877.
  18. Sacha Houcke Jr., circus animal trainer, born 1951, Son of animal trainer Sacha Houcke Sr. and ? Houcke
  19. Gösta Kruse, circus elephant trainer, born 1927-08-15, dead 1973-06-22. Son of animal trainer Theodor Kruse
  20. François Levaillant, taxonomy biologist, born 1753-08-06, dead 1824-11-22.
  21. Louise Lockhart, circus director, born 1870, dead 1951. Daughter of elephant trainer George Lockhart Sr. and Nannette Knights
  22. Olive Loyal, circus director,
  23. Magdelene Maugiron, circus wife,
  24. Sebastien Musset, zoo director, born ?,
  25. Jérémy Pinault, zoo elephant keeper, born ?,
  26. Arthur Pinder Jr., circus assistant director, born abt. 1900s., dead abt. 19080s. Son of director Arthur Pinder Sr. and Louise Lockhart
  27. Arthur Pinder Sr., circus director, born 1869, dead 1924-01-20. Son of artist William Pinder and Rebecca Pinder
  28. Johanne Pisani, zoo veterinarian, born ?,
  29. Marcelle Rancy, circus artist, Daughter of director Alphonse Rancy and ? Rancy
  30. Alphonse Rancy, circus director, born 1861, dead 1933. Son of director Théodore Rancy and Olive Loyal
  31. ? Rancy, circus artist, Daughter of animal trainer ? ? and ? ?
  32. Théodore Rancy, circus director, born 1818, dead 1892.
  33. Adèle Rene, circus , dead 1882.
  34. Jeanne Schulze, circus artist,
  35. Fanny Tourniaire, circus artist, Daughter of director Louis Tourniaire and Jeanne Schulze
  36. Louis Tourniaire, circus director, Son of director Jacques Tourniaire and Philippine Rödiger
  37. Jacques Tourniaire, circus director, born 1772, dead 1829. Son of artist Louis Tourniaire and Magdelene Maugiron
  38. Louis Tourniaire, circus artist, born 1750,
  39. Tony Verhulst, zoo director,

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