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Elephant people from Sri Lanka

List of Elephant people from Sri Lanka

From the list of persons from Sri Lanka

Database records of selected members from Sri Lanka

  1. Sagara , private mahout, born ?,
  2. Piyadasa, zoo mahout, born ?, dead 1996-06-14.
  3. Millangoda Appuhami, camp elephant owner, born 1922?, dead 2021-08-21.
  4. Nandana Atapattu, wildlife veterinarian, dead 2021-12-06?.
  5. Ashoka Dangolla, temple veterinarian,
  6. Lyn de Alwis, zoo director, born 1930-10-27, dead 2006-11-22.
  7. Anura de Silva, zoo director,
  8. Bradley Fernando, zoo director,
  9. R. Gunaratne, zoo mahout, born ?,
  10. Chandana Gunaratne, zoo mahout,
  11. Bashwara Gunaratne, zoo director,
  12. John Hagenbeck Jr., wildlife animal trader, born 1909, dead 1959. Son of animal trader John Hagenbeck
  13. S. Jayaratna, zoo mahout,
  14. Duminda Jayaratne, zoo director,
  15. Dammika Malsinghe, zoo director,
  16. Ananda Millangoda, camp elephant owner, born ?, Son of elephant owner Millangoda Appuhami
  17. I. Mitreepala, zoo mahout, born ?,
  18. Anoma Priyadarshani, zoo director,
  19. Gunaratne Punchi, village mahout, born ?, Son of mahout Apuhami Punchi and R. M. Ukuama
  20. Weerasuriya Punchi, village mahout, born ?, dead ?. Son of mahout K. G. Punchi Rale
  21. Apuhami Punchi, village mahout, born 1926-07-06, dead 2002-11-27. Son of mahout K. G. Punchi Rale
  22. K. G. Punchi Rale, village mahout,
  23. K. G. Sumanabanda, camp mahout, born 1958-07-13, Son of mahout Apuhami Punchi and R. M. Ukuama
  24. Chandana Rajapaksa, camp veterinarian, born ?,
  25. Shermila Rajapaksha, zoo director, born ?,
  26. H. Somaratna, zoo mahout, born ?,
  27. Galboda Thero, temple director, born ?,
  28. R. M. Ukuama, zoo wife,
  29. Aubrey Weinman, zoo director, born 1897, dead 1967-10-08.
  30. Gihan Welagedara, zoo , born ?,
  31. Ishini Wickremesinghe, zoo director, born ?,
  32. K. D. R. N. Wijesinghe, zoo director,
  33. R. Wimalasena, zoo mahout,

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