Holdy Barlay

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Holdy Barlay
Reinhold  Kwasnik

Personal details

Spouse(s) Maud Lorch

Country Germany

Title animal trainer -
Location at Circus Williams in Germany

Biography details

Reinhold Kwasnik Jr., circus animal trainer in Germany

Born 1931-07-25 , son of director Harry Barlay and director Carola Williams .

In 1931, Carola Althoff married Reinhold Kwasnik, better known in the circus business as Harry Barlay (1898-1989)—an acrobat on the horizontal bars. But it was not enough for the proud and strong-willed Carola to just be married to a circus artist, and in 1935, Harry and Carola (no doubt with some help from Dominik Althoff) acquired the equipment of the bankrupt Circus Alberty and founded their own circus, Circus Barlay. This apparently was fatal to their marriage: Carola quickly returned to the Althoff fold with their son, Reinhold, Jr., nicknamed Holdy Barlay, born in 1931, would have a long circus career as an artist with a successful cowboy act.)


Total: 1 children

  1. Ronny Lorch. Born: 1947-06-29.

Holdy Barlay s ancestral Ahnentafel:


Holdy Barlay
Born: 1931-07-25

Reinhold Kwasnik

Born: 1898

Paternal Grandfather:

Paternal Great-grandfather:
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Paternal Grandmother:

Paternal Great-grandfather::
Paternal Great-grandmother:

Carolina Althoff

Born: 1903-12-01

Maternal Grandfather:
Dominik Althoff

Born: 1883-04-08
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Adolf Althoff
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Sabrine Sonnier
Maternal Grandmother:
Adele Mark

Born: 1883-04-15
Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:

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