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Personal details
Country Thailand

Work locations
Title mahout -2022
Location at Ayutthaya Royal Elephant Kraal in Thailand

Biography details

Peerapat , camp mahout in Thailand

Born 2004 in Thailand .

The keeper, also 18, pierced Chan's thick leathery skin with the bullhook and caused the elephant so much pain that his legs collapsed. Peerapat said he used the bullhook to control Chan Chao and prevent him from becoming aggressive. He was later grabbed by the scruff of the neck by the camp's manager and forced to kneel at the elephant's Feet and say sorry. Peerapat told local media: ‘I’m very sorry about the incident and I admit everything. My father worked here and I have grown up with Chan Chao since we were both babies.

Using the hook is not done often, but only when the elephant is stubborn. If they are not controlled, in the future they will become fierce.

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