Leopold Konyot

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Leopold Konyot
Profession circus director
Personal details
Born ? Rajec in Hungary

Spouse(s) Henrietta Blumenfeld

Country Hungary

Work locations
Title owner -1907
Location at Circus Leopold in Hungary

Biography details

Leopold Konyot , circus director in Hungary

Born ? in Hungary .

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Briefly, the Konyot circus dynasty began when Leopold Konyot ran away from home. He married into the Blumenfeld circus family but soon took out his own Circus Leopold. He had 12 children, the first being Arthur born in 1888. Arthur had two children through his first marriage, Dorita and Alex (born 1915). Alex married the great wire walker Josephine Bersoni and one of their children is today’s Olympian equestrian Tina Konyot.
Richard Flint

By the age of 21 he had married Henrietta, the daughter of Simon Blumenfeld, the owner or Blumenfeld Bros. Circus and within a short time they started their own circus, Circus Leopold.

Over the years, Henrietta and Leopold had 12 children, six boys and six girls. Arthur was their 4th son born in December 1888.

As the children grew up, rooted in the tradition of equestrianism and acrobatics, the Konyot family of that time became known as incomparable bareback riders.

They were hired by the leading Circuses of Europe, and as a result, in 1907 John Ringling saw them and contracted them to perform in his newly acquired Barnum & Bailey Circus. So Leopold and Henrietta closed their circus and the whole family, 25 of them, sailed in 1909 for the United States. They toured with Barnum & Bailey until 1912 when they returned to Europe to open their own Konyot Bros. Great American Circus & Wild West Show, which turned into an overwhelming success.
Induction into the Circus Ring of Fame—Konyot Family, by Tina Cristiani

Leopold  Konyot


Total: 12 children

  1. Alexander Konyot. Born: 1874.
  2. Amalie Konyot. Born: 1875.
  3. Kathy Konyot. Born: 1876.
  4. Amanda Konyot. Born: 1878.
  5. Adolph Konyot. Born: 1879.
  6. Pepita Konyot. Born: 1881.
  7. Max Konyot. Born: 1883.
  8. Olympia Konyot. Born: 1885-08-08. Dead: † 1942
  9. Gertrude Konyot. Born: 1887.
  10. Arthur Konyot. Born: 1888. Dead: † 1966
  11. Alphons Konyot. Born: 1890.
  12. Oscar Konyot. Born: 1897.

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