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Franz Kraml

From the list of elephant persons Family: Kraml

Franz Kraml
Franz  Kraml

Personal details
Country Czech Republic

Work locations
Title animal trainer 1939
Location at Circus Aeros in Germany

Title chief elephant trainer 1937-1939
Location at Circus Knie in Switzerland

Title animal trainer
Location at Hannover Zoo in Germany

Title animal trainer
Location at Firma Ruhe in Germany

Title elephant trainer
Location at Circus Sarrasani in Germany

Relevant literature
Biography details

Franz Kraml , circus animal trainer in Czech Republic

Born ? .

Franz Kraml was working as animal trainer at Firma Ruhe and in a number of circuses.

Franz  KramlWorking a tiger act on Firma Ruhe in Aalfeld.

He married , sister of Cliff Aeros, why he worked years on Circus Aeros, and Belli, Sarrasani, and 1937-1939 was elephant trainer at Circus Knie in Switzerland.

Kraml was also teaching many other famous trainers, including Rolf Knie Sr. and Charly Baumann.

Franz  KramlPostcard of Czech elephant trainer and big cat trainer Franz Kraml.


Total: 1 children

  1. Angelika Kraml. Born: ?.

Reference list


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