Domenico Caroli

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Domenico Caroli
Domenico  Caroli

Personal details

Spouse(s) 1957 Sandrine Bouglione

Country Italy

Work locations
Title animal trainer -
Location at Caroli Troupe in Italy

Biography details

Domenico Caroli , circus animal trainer in Italy

Born 1932 dead 2021-04-21 , son of animal trainer Enrico Caroli .

Domenico Caroli was born in 1932. He was the son of Enrico Caroli who created in the 1930s with his brothers Ernesto Caroli and Francesco Caroli the famous equestrian acrobatics troupe “Les Caroli” and the clown trio “Les Francesco”.

Domenico made his debut at the age of eight and quickly learned all the routines of equestrian acrobatics. He initially participates in the equestrian troupe when it is necessary to compensate for the absence of one of the members. He used to say: “there were twelve artists in the troupe and we had to be able to replace one of the stars of the act at short notice in the event of an injury. This is how I became the understudy of my father Enrico, facilitated by our resemblance, but also of my uncles and cousins”, before replacing his father in the role of Augustus upon his death in the Francesco trio.

In 1957, he married Sandrine Bouglione, the queen of the circus, daughter of Rosa Bouglione and Joseph II Bouglione, trapeze artist and understudy for Gina Lollobrigida in the film Trapèze with whom he had two children, Enrico Caroli Jr. and Alberto Caroli, themselves equestrian acrobats and clowns.

When Ernesto decides to retire, Domenico becomes the partner of his eldest son Enrico and his uncle Francisco. Then he signed a contract with Cesare Togni in Italy, and in the United States with Tarzan Zerbini. He thus continues the family tradition with his two sons Enrico and Alberto. At the end of these two contracts, the Caroli troupe was dissolved. Spending a time notably at the Circus of Achille Zavatta during the tour of the Grand Circus of Mexico, he and his two sons offered clown entries under the name of the Caroli, a fair return to the origins of this illustrious family.

Domenico Caroli died on April 21, 2021 a few days before his second wife, the belluaire Christiane Moril.

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Domenico Caroli
Born: 1932

Enrico Caroli

Born: 1912

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? Caroli

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