Darix Togni

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Darix Togni
Profession circus director
Personal details
Born 1922 in Italy
Dead 1976 in Italy
Country Italy

Title director 1951-1976
Location at Circus Darix Togni in Italy

Biography details

Darix Togni , circus director in Italy

Born 1922 in Italy dead 1976 in Italy , son of director Ercole Togni .

The children of Ercole Togni were Darix Togni, Wioris, Wanet, Leda, and Doly. Their new circus took the name Circus Darix Togni of Darix Togni, since Darix was the star of the family with his very popular lion and tiger acts. The circus folded its tent after Darixs death, in 1976.
Raffaele De Ritis, Italy.

In April 1990, in Bois de Boulogne in Paris, Darix children Livio Togni (b.1950) and his brothers inaugurated Il Florilegio di Darix Togni.

Son of Ercole Togni , in his youth he performed in various roles in the Togni national circus . The role that made him famous was that of tamer . From 1953 he became the owner of his own circus, born from the division of the Togni national circus.

An all-round artist, he went beyond the circus field, venturing into film roles. He took part in the films Messalina and Europa di notte by Alessandro Blasetti; with Riccardo Freda he had a role in Spartacus ; he worked with G. Bianchi in I like me . He joined Totò in the film The most comical show in the world . He was a great friend of Federico Fellini , who found in him one of his sources of inspiration for many great characters of cinema and entertainment.

In 1959, in a spectacular publicity stunt, Darix replicated Hannibal’s march through the Alps with three of his elephants.

In 1946 he married Fiorenza Colombo, belonging to the Fratellini family and cousin of Annie Fratellini , the latter founder of one of the most famous French circus schools. From their union was born Danila, Livio, Corrado, Davio and Nevia Togni .

He died in 1976 at the age of 54 following leukemia, and was buried in the municipal cemetery of Rio Saliceto (RE).

Milan has named a street after him, expressing its affection for him with this tribute.


Total: 3 children

  1. Livio Togni. Born: 1950-10-28.
  2. Corrado Togni. Born: 1953.
  3. Davio Togni. Born: 1959-10-04.

Darix Togni s ancestral Ahnentafel:


Darix Togni
Born: 1922

Ercole Togni

Born: 1894

Paternal Grandfather:
Aristide Togni

Born: 1853
Paternal Great-grandfather:
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Paternal Grandmother:
Teresa De Bianchi

Born: ?
Paternal Great-grandfather::
Giovanni De Bianchi
Paternal Great-grandmother:
Maria de la Garenn



Maternal Grandfather:

Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:
Maternal Grandmother:

Maternal Great-grandfather:
Maternal Great-grandmother:

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