K. G. Sumanabanda

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K. G. Sumanabanda
K.  Sumanabanda
Ex Chief Mahout at Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage in Sri Lanka, Mr K. G. Sumanabanda, and Dan Koehl. Kegalle, 2010
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Personal details
Country Sri Lanka

Work locations
Title chief mahout 1981-2008
Location at Pinnawala elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka

Title mahout 1978-1981
Location at Sri Lanka National Zoological Gardens (Dehiwela Zoo) in Sri Lanka

Title mahout 1970-1978
Location at K.G. Punchi Apuhamis elephants in Sri Lanka

Biography details

K. G. Sumanabanda , camp mahout in Sri Lanka

Born 1958 in Sri Lanka , son of mahout Kotuwe Apuhami .

Mr K.G. Sumanabanda is a four generation Sri Lankan Mahout, who was chief Mahout at the Pinnawala elephant orphanage since he was transfered there from Colombo Zoo in Dehivela Gardens in 1981 until 2010.

Sumanabanda was born 1958, son of wellknown Sri Lankan Mahout Punchi Apuhami, and twelve years old, he started to help his father tend the families three elephants, Raja, Mudiyansee, and Menika.

K. G. SumanabandaThe bull Mudiyanse, K.G. Samunabanda left, and his father Punchi Apuhami, 1984. Photo © Wayne Jackson, Canada.

K. G. Sumanabanda
The bull Mudiyanse, Samunabanda left, and his grandmothers brother Rambanda, 1984. Photo Wayne Jackson, Canada.

In 1978 Samunabanda started to work as Mahout at Sri Lanka National Zoological Gardens (Dehiwela Zoo) in Colombo, under the late director Lyn de Alwis.

In 1981 Samunabanda was transfered from Dehivela Gardens to Pinnawela elephant orphanage where he, together with two assistants, became responsible for their 13 elephants.

K. G. Sumanabanda

(Photo from the book les animaux sauvages ; l\\'éléphant) The Pinnawela Herd and chief Mahout K.G. Sumanabanda, 2011, in 1981. Not one single hotel, and only palm trees along the river. The elephants on the picture are 13; Vijaya, Neela, Hema, Mathalee, Randivi, Mahaweli, Kumari, Diula, Anuscha, Kadira, Komali, Weera (later Kandula I at the army camp), and Jadura. On the picture above is not one single hotel, and only palm trees along the river Maha Oya.

K. G. Sumanabandas ancestral Ahnentafel:


K. G. Sumanabanda
Born: 1958


Born: 1926-07-06

Paternal Grandfather:

Paternal Great-grandfather:
Dame ffm:
Paternal Grandmother:

Sire fmf:
Dame fmm:



Maternal Grandfather:

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