Richard Wilson

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Richard Wilson
Richard  Wilson
Perth Zoo records keeper Chris Wilson with Tricia the elephant.
Personal details
Country Australia

Work locations
Title elephant head-keeper 1987-1997
Location at Perth Zoo in Australia

Title zookeeper 1977-1987
Location at Perth Zoo in Australia

Title zookeeper-1977
Location at Wanneroo Lion Park in Australia

Biography details

Richard Wilson , zoo elephant head-keeper in Australia


Mr Wilson joined the team at Perth Zoo in 1977 and was the 20th keeper that had ever been employed; an occasion so momentous it was recorded in that year’s annual report.

Starting as a bird keeper, Mr Wilson held that position for about 10 years until his previous experience working at a lion park in Wanneroo landed him the position of senior zookeeper for the African savannah exhibition, which he left in 1997-98 after suffering a severe back injury.

“When I first started work the industry it was male dominated and we only had about 20 keepers that looked after over 420 Species, in comparison to nowadays where there are more than 70 keepers for about 170 species” he said.

“Whilst working the African savannah, I was also an auxiliary elephant keeper which is how I came to work with Tricia (60) who was an Adolescent then.

“I will always fondly remember taking the elephants for walks down by the Swan River and up through Mends Street several times a week; something keepers would never be able to see or do now.”
Richard Wilson,

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