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Pu Jay Sabmak

From the list of elephant persons Family: Sabmak

Pu Jay Sabmak
Pu Jay  Sabmak
Elephant trainer Puy Jay Mau Sabmak from Pi Man village in Surin, Thailand. Photo: Dan Koehl, Surin elephant festival, 2011
Personal details
Country Thailand

Work locations
Title elephant owner
Location at Pu Jay Mau Sabmaks elephants in Thailand

Biography details

Pu Jay Sabmak , Kuy camp mahout in Thailand

in Thailand .

Pu Jay was born and raised in Ban Tu Muan, and helped his father taking care of the familys five elephants. His father owned one elephant, and his mother four, and he mention names like Thomboon, Som Bourn and Sawat. Later he would tour with the familys elephants to Pattaya, Hua Hin, and sometimes staying at the Surin Study center in Ban Ta Klang.

Pu Jay is the proud owner of the elephant bull Num Sek, 27 years old, and one of Thailands famous elephants, but he also has four more elephants. Pu Jay bought Num Sek in Lampoon, northern Thailand, when he was about two years old, and unfortunately he does not recall any names of the parents, but he claim Num Sek was born within Lampoon elephant community. Pu Jay also owns the female Rasamee, and three descendants of Num Sek and Rasamee, namely Monkhon, Kwan, and Pang Num Aoy.

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