Pelle Zettersten

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Pelle Zettersten
Per-Erik  Zettersten
Putchie and elephant keeper Pelle Zettersten in Kolmården Zoo 1999. Photo: Petra Schmidt, Dresden Zoo.
Personal details
Country Sweden

Work locations
Title elephant keeper 2000-2000
Location at African Lion Safari (Ontario) in Canada

Title elephant keeper 1991-2000
Location at Kolmarden Zoo in Sweden

Title elephant keeper 1990-1991
Location at Stockholm Zoo (Skansen) in Sweden

Biography details

Per-Erik Zettersten , zoo elephant keeper in Sweden

in Sweden .

Introduced to elephant management and training by head elephant keeper Dan Koehl at Stockholm Zoo (Skansen) in Sweden, Zettersten moved to Kolmarden Zoo where he trained the elephant Putchie for riding operations, and also worked the bull Brahma in Free Contact.

Pelle ZetterstenFrom left: Nika, Pelle Zettersten, Dan Koehl and Shiva, during a walk on Skansen. Photo: Catharina Koch-Florman.

Pelle Zettersten
Picture from ultrascanning of Brahma. From left to right: Frank Göritz, Thomas Hildebrandt, Pelle Zettersten, Jörgen Gustafson, Thomas Antmar. Photo: Bengt-Ole Röken, Kolmården.

After being an appreciated elephant keeper for ten years, Zettersten changed profession and became a journalist in Sweden.

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