Franz Tisch

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Franz Tisch
Franz  Tisch
Franz Tisch with Dinah, Copenhagen Zoo
Personal details
Country United States

Title elephant trainer 1986-1991?
Location at Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Blue Unit) in United States

Title elephant trainer 1981-?
Location at Las Vegas Jungle Palace in United States

Title elephant trainer 1979-1981
Location at Circus World (Polk City) in United States

Title elephant trainer 1976?-1978
Location at San Diego Zoo Safari Park in United States

Title elephant keeper 1970-1975?
Location at Copenhagen Zoo in Denmark

Title elephant trainer 1967-1970
Location at Kolmarden Zoo in Sweden

Title elephant trainer-1966?
Location at Circus Knie in Switzerland

Biography details

Franz Tisch , circus elephant trainer in United States

Born ? in Austria .

The Elephant Show at the SDWAP began with Don McClennon and Joan Embrey in the mid-1970s.

Not sure on dates but the show progressed when Franz Titsch (sp?) took over. He had Sonita, the older elephant that did the cover routine, that the Park got from Charlie Franks. Franz did train the younger elephants and they all did well. Franz would work the elephants in the ring from off stage - impressed me. I believe he followed Buckles into Circus World and had a pretty rough time.
Jim A.

Records about Franz Tisch from William "Buckles" Woodcocks Blog at
In 1980 someone in Circus World management had a San Diego Zoo connection and brought in Franz Tisch to take over the elephants.
Some time later, to the delight of the Zoo Officials, they unloaded two dangerous elephants on Circus World, "Toomai" and "Chocolate".
Realizing their mistake both were gotten rid of. "Toomai" to Jacobson and "Chocolate" to the Lowrey Park Zoo (another mistake).

William "Buckles" Woodcock

I wonder where Franz Tisch is now. He seems to have disappeared. He did a stint with Siegfried and Roy when Gilda went to Vegas, and also worked with the horses purchased from and trained by from Donnie Anderson. When he left S & R he was working with various Andalusian farms.

He had an "Andre Skarbecki" knack of scoring with well to do females.

Wade G. Burck

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