Sacha Houcke

Jean Leonard Houcke (1816-1877) was born to a butcher in Hazebrouck, France, and was married to Adele Ren, they had 13 children of which 8 survived. The family was touring europe on Circus, and in 1869 they bought a circus from the family Gautier and called it Circus Leonard. His son Adolphe (1839-1916) had his own circus, and was married to Caroline Steckel, granddaughter to Didier Gautier. Another son, Eugene Houcke, had the son Jean Houcke (1878-1973) who was horse trainer and had his own circus in France. Jean Houcke married Fanny Tourniaire and his sons Sacha (1923-1989) and Gilbert (1918-1984) also became animal trainers.

Sacha Houcke junior was born 1951 and grew up in Tours, France, as sixth generation of featured animal trainers. Nine years old he presented ponies at the Swiss Circus Knie, and later became a Junior French Equestrian Champion and certified riding instructor. Sasha Houcke was 2001-2007 cheif animal trainer at Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Children with Judith Benson