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Andreas du Plessis de RichelieuprivateBangkok
C. F. KoebkeprivateBangkok
Circus Amarcircus
Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)circusJirkov
Dusit Zoo (Khao Din)zooDusit, Bangkok
Friendship Trading Birds and AnimalsdealerBangkok
Kata Noi elephant campcampKata Noi, Phuket
Khao Ang Rue Nai wildlife sanctuarywildChachoengsao
Khao Sok elephant trekking campcampKhao Sok National Park, Surat Thani
Klong Jak elephant trekkingcampKo Lanta, Krabi Province
Sheraton Krabi Beach Resort HotelzooKrabi
Somroj KhukitikasemdealerSurin
Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)zooBogor
Wirth CircuscircusSydney

There are 94 elephants with keyword Java mentioned in the database

Aigo EMFcaptive-born2007-04-28FCPlai Wang x PhootsonDusit Zoo (Khao Din)
Alice EMFunknown1891?dead1956-07-04 x Wirth Circus1952-12-01
Alice (Princess Alice) EMFwild1876dead1941-11-25 x Wirth Circus1908-00-00
Annie EMFunknowndead1929-10-00 x Wirth Circus1923-00-00
August EMMcaptive-born1936-08-03dead1943Piccolo (Picolo) x Birma IICircus Amar1936-08-03
Baby EMMwild1886dead1932 x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)1906-00-00
Baby EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
Bambi LAFwild1985FC x Circus Amar
Betty EMFunknowndead1950 x Wirth Circus
Bombay EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
Bongo EMMcaptive-born2008-06-18FC x MegaTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)2008-06-18
Buby (Bubi) LAMwilddead1930 x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)1920-00-00
Butscha EMFcaptive-borndead x MaryWirth Circus1923-04-13
Cardigan (Cardie) EMMdead1923-07-00 x Wirth Circus1902-00-00
Ceylon EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
Charly EMMwilddead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
Diana EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
Dolly EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Eiley (Eileen) EMFunknowndead1959 x Wirth Circus
Ellie EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Fitri EMFFC x Surabaya Zoo (Kebun Binatang Surabaya)
Gertie EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Ghuni Sah (Ghunah Sah) EMFdead1906-03-10 x Wirth Circus1899-00-00
Giri EMMwild>2009FC x Bombax elephant camp (Mudumalai)2018-04-00
Gyp EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Intan EMFFC x Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)
Inul EMFcaptive-born2003-06-20FC x LindaTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)2003-06-20
Java 6403 EMFwild1945dead2012-08-14 x Lyon Zoo (Jardin zoologique de la Ville Lyon)1964-04-15
Java 5302 EMFwild1951dead1996 x Circus Knie1953-00-00
Java LAMwild1977NC x Fasano Zoosafari
Java EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
Jessie EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Jo-Dee (Jodie) EMFwilddead1950-07-16 x Wirth Circus1949-00-00
Jumbo EMMwilddead1930 x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)
Jumbo II EMdead x Wirth Circus1923-00-00
Kartini EMFcaptive-born2013-04-12FC x NinaTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)2013-04-12
killed EMFcaptive-born1932dead1932 x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)1932-00-00
Kludsk EMMwilddead x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)
Lena EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Linda EMFwild1971FC x Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)
Lizzie EMFdead1920-10-24 x Wirth Circus
Marsini EMFunknownFC x Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)
Mary EMFwilddead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
Mary EMFdead x Wirth Circus1923-00-00
Mawar EMFwildFC1995-01-15 x Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)
Mega EMFwild1982FC x Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)
Mega EMFcaptive-born1999-07-19FCSidarta x UmriTaman Safari Indonesia II (Prigen)1999-07-19
Molly EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Mouly (Molly) EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
Mustika EMFwild1984FC x Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)
Mutti (Moti) EMFwilddead1915? x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)1905-00-00
Nelly EMFwilddead1905 x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)1902-00-00
Nila EMFunknownFC x Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)
Nina EMFunknownFC x Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)
notnamed EMcaptive-born2009-02-08FC x MustikaTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)2009-02-08
notnamed EMMcaptive-born2012-01-02FC x NilaTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)2012-01-02
Peggy EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Phet EMMcaptive-born2007-12-24FC x GalagetDusit Zoo (Khao Din)
Prince EMMdead x Wirth Circus
Rani EMFwildwild x Wilpattu Nationalpark1972-00-00
Rosa LAFwild1983FC x Circus Amar
Sally EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Sarina EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Savonja EMFunknownFC x Kata Noi elephant camp
Sidarta EMMunknownFC x Taman Safari Indonesia II (Prigen)
stillborn EMFcaptive-born1938dead1938Piccolo (Picolo) x MaryCircus Amar1938-00-00
Susie EMFdead x Wirth Circus
Sutin EMMwild1967FC x Khao Sok elephant trekking camp
Suwako EMFwild1943dead2008 x Kobe Oiji Zoo1950-09-28
Taru EMMwildFC x Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)
Toby EMFdead1915 x Wirth Circus1904-00-00
Toby II EMdead x Wirth Circus
Umri EMFwildFC x Taman Safari Indonesia II (Prigen)
unknown EMFFC x Dusit Zoo (Khao Din)
unknown LAFwilddead x Circus Amar
unknown EMcaptive-born2009-01-04FC x LindaTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)2009-01-04
unknown EMcaptive-born2006-05-18FC x IntanTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)2006-05-18
unknown EMcaptive-born1995FC x LindaTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)1995-00-00
unknown EMcaptive-born2006-03-06FC x Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)2006-03-06
unknown EMcaptive-born2006-09-13FC x NilaTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)2006-09-13
unknown EMcaptive-born2006-12-22FC x NilaTaman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)2006-12-22
unknown EMFunknown1980FC x Klong Jak elephant trekking2009-12-00
unknown EMcaptive-born2010-02-17FC x unknownKlong Jak elephant trekking2010-02-17
unknown EMunknownFC x Dusit Zoo (Khao Din)
unknown EMFwilddead1915? x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)1907-00-00
unknown EMFwilddead1915? x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)1907-00-00
unknown EMFwilddead1915? x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)1907-00-00
unknown EMMwilddead1923 x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)1923-00-00
unknown EMwilddead1915? x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)
unknown EMwilddead1915 x Circus Kludsky (Cirkusu Kludských)
unknown EMFdead x Wirth Circus1953-04-01
Venus EMFunknowndead x Circus Amar1934-02-22
Wiwin EMFwild1997?dead1998? x Sebanga-Duri Elephant Center (Riau)
Wulan EMFunknownFC x Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo)

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