A tusker is an elephant that wear tusks. All African elephants, of both sexes, are tusksers. In India (before the poaching during the seventies) about 50% were tuskers, the others are refered to as Maknas.

In Sri Lanka only 25% wear tusks.(See Ethas) Today, because of poaching, tusker s in India are rare, especially in Periyar (Thekkady) National park in Kerala.

During the eighties and nighties, A criminal band leader, Verappan (known in this state as a"Robin Hood") from the state of Tamil Nadu in India, killed several hundreds of elephants, most of them tuskers, and about 50 game wardens. So in the case of the Asian elephants, the poaching has not only reduced the population, but also disturbed the balance in the sex ratio of wild populations. Most of the captive beautiful Indian tuskers, owned by the temples around the city of Trichur, or at the temples of Guruvajoor, in Kerala, are rarely or never bred, so their genes will probably not be passed on to next generations.

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