Princess Alice an Asian elephant at Hogle Zoo (Salt City Zoo)

☨ Princess Alice
ID nr:   SSP Number: 8 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀ 69 years old
Dead date: 1953-03-30
Death reason: unknown:
Location:Hogle Zoo (Salt City Zoo)
ArrivalHogle Zoo (Salt City Zoo) 1916-08-25
from Sells-Floto Circus
Sells-Floto Circus 1906-00-00
from Otto Floto Dog and Pony Show
Otto Floto Dog and Pony Show 1905-00-00
from Luna Park
Luna Park 1904-00-00
from Thompson & Dundee
Thompson & Dundee 1904-00-00
from Firma Carl Hagenbeck
Born:* 1884 wild
Offspring and year of birth:
  1. (F) 1912-04-25 -- † 1912-06-06 Baby Hutch, SSP nr: 9
  2. (M) 1914-03-28 -- † 1914-04-24 Baby Tambon, SSP nr: 10
  3. (F) 1916-04-15 -- † 1916-09-09 Little Miracle, SSP nr: 11
  4. (M) 1918-04-29 -- † 1919-03-15 Prince Utah, SSP nr: 14
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1904: Twenty elephants had been sold to Thompson and Dundee and there were also two bachelor elephants which were going to the largest menagerie in the world, that of Luna Park on Coney Island
Animals are my life, by Lorenz Hagenbeck

Named for President Roosevelt's daughter Alice, area school children collected coins and raised $3,250 for the pachyderm's purchase price and travel expenses to Utah.

1931: the elephant kept breaking loose and running down 700 East. Often, she would also run through Salt Lake City.

Records about Princess Alice from Bob Cline
ALICE (#2) 1884- Born in the wild Stud # 8
Female Asian 1904 came from Thompson & Dundee of Luna Park,NY to
Otto-Floto Circus
1905 - Otto Floto Dog & Pony Show
1906 to 1916 - Sells Floto Circus
Bred to SNYDER Stud # 7
HUTCH (M) born April 25,1912 Stud # 9
Dies June 6,1912 in train fire
Bred to SNYDER
TAMBON (M) born March 28,1914 Stud # 10
Dies April 24,1914. Mother wouldn't nurse
Bred to SNYDER
Little Miracle born April 15, 1916 Stud # 11
Died Sept. 9, 1916
Bred to SNYDER
Prince Utah (M) April 29, 1918 STUD # 14
born at Salt Lake City Zoo
lived ten months
1917 to 1953 - Salt Lake City Zoo
Died March 30, 1953

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Koehl, D., (2020). Princess Alice, an Asian at Hogle Zoo (Salt City Zoo) in United States. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 31 October 2020 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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