Babe Sh-Bang (Bonnie) at Little Rock Zoological Gardens

Female ♀ Asian elephant Babe Sh-Bang (Bonnie) at Little Rock Zoological Gardens

Babe, Mandy Turnbull & Sophie. Niabi Zoo 02/2009. Photo: © Mandy Turnbull
Babe Sh-Bang (Bonnie)
ID Number:   SSP Number: 197 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀ 42 years old
Management:Free contact
Location:Little Rock Zoological Gardens
ArrivedLittle Rock Zoological Gardens 2013-10-21
from Niabi Zoo
Niabi Zoo 2000-06-14
from Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation
Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey Center for Elephant Conservation
from Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Blue Unit)
Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus (Blue Unit) 1980-00-00
from Firma Ruhe (Tierhandelsfirma Ruhe)
Firma Ruhe (Tierhandelsfirma Ruhe)
from Yangon Zoo (Rangoon Zoo)
Born:1976 wild Myanmar
Document updated2009-01-25: Previous locations
2009-02-28: Management, Text, Source
2009-03-04: Previous locations, Text, Image
2013-10-22: transfer
In June 2000, the Ringling Brothers Circus donated 25 year old Babe to the Niabi Zoo as a companion animal for the zoo's lone resident elephant since 1965, Kathy Sh-Boom. Babe was named in a city-wide contest with the last name Sh-Bang.
In November 2002, Kathy Sh-Boom was the oldest known captive elephant to have died from the Elephant Endotheliotropic Herpes virus, 30 months after Babe's arrival at the age of 40. After Kathy's death, Ringling donated another elephant to Niabi Zoo in March 2003, Sophie. Niabi Director Tom Stalf said it is assumed Kathy contracted the disease from Babe. Both Sophie and Babe were both later tested positive as carriers for the disease. They were selected for the RBBB's companionship program after a recommendation not to breed, due to Babe's ovarian cysts and Sophie's arthritis.
In 1980-81, six elephants arrived from Burma with a star branded on their hip (Bonnie, Nicole, Alana and Icky who went to Axel Gautier, Siam and Bangkok who went to Gunther Gebel-Williams). Babe's is a star outline on both her hips. She measures almost ten feet tall.

Contradictory records:
The North American Asian Elephant Studbook lists Babe's arrival to Niabi Zoo as June 12, while the press release from Ringling cites June 14.

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