Nova an Asian elephant at Madrid Zoo (Casa de Campo)

ID nr:EEP Number: 9311 - 
Species: Asian elephant
Sex and age:Female ♀ 27 years old
Management:Free contact
Location:Madrid Zoo (Casa de Campo)
ArrivalMadrid Zoo (Casa de Campo) 2015-09-29
from Tierpark Berlin
Tierpark Berlin 2003-03-04
from Halle Zoo
Halle Zoo 1996-08-15
from Tierpark Berlin
Tierpark Berlin 1996-08-14
from Taman Negara National Park
Born:* 1993-11-26 captive-born
in Taman Safari Indonesia (Bogor Zoo) Indonesia
Offspring and year of birth:
  1. (M) 2005-02-14 Horas, EEP nr: 200502
  2. (F) 2009-08-26 -- † 2009-08-26 stillborn
  3. (M) 2012-05-08 Bogor, EEP nr: 201206
  4. (F) 2016-10-12 Pilar, EEP nr: 201609
  5. (M) 2020-03-08 Hope, EEP nr: 202004
Document updated2009-08-20:�Previous locations, Birth, Text
2012-05-24:�not pregnant
2016-01-02: transfer
In August 1996, Cynthia and Nova were sold to the Berlin Tierpark but were transferred to the Halle Zoo for six years until arriving in Berlin in March 2003.

Contradictory records:
The 2007 European Asian Studbook lists Cynthia and Nova as being transferred to Halle from Indonesia six years before another transfer to Berlin Tierpark, whereas the 2008 version states ownership was taken by Berlin a day before their trip to Halle.

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Koehl, D., (2020). Nova, an Asian at Madrid Zoo (Casa de Campo) in Spain. Elephant Encyclopedia, available online retrieved 29 October 2020 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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