Sebanga-Duri Elephant Center (Riau) in Indonesia

Sebanga-Duri Elephant Center (Riau)
PlacePekanbaru, Riau Province
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Sebanga-Duri Elephant Center (Riau), located at Sebanga-Duri, in Pekanbaru, Riau Province, in Indonesia, was founded in 1988.

At Sebanga-Duri Elephant Center (Riau) lives 2 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)

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The Riau Elephant Center was established in Riau Province in east central Sumatra in 1988. It is located 115 km northeast of Pekanbaru (a city of 1,000,000) and about 30 km southeast of Duri, a Caltex oil company community. A local decree designated 5000 hectares (~12,500 acres) for the Center in 1992. Villagers burned down the Center in 1993 and it was rebuilt at its present site in 1994.

1997: Two births were recorded in 1997 but one calf died subsequently (Ron Lilley, pers. comm)

1998: The number of elephants maintained at the centre has increased from l7-19 in 1989 (Santiapillai & Ramono, 1989), to 4l in
1993 (Suprahman et. aL,1993) and 48 elephants in 1998 (Ron Lilley, pers. comm.;Table l6).

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