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Walter Schulz, Namibia, was founded in 1937. Walter Schulz closed down in 1979.

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Walter Christoph Schulz was son to Christoph Schulz who was animal dealer and agent for Firma Hagenbeck in East Africa. Walter Schulz was born March 11, 1905, in Hamburg, Germany.

1923-1924: captured, among other animals, elephants in South Africa and Rhodesia, 3 large shipments were exported.
1925-1939 captured, among other animals, elephants in Tanzania.
1937: his parents retired, and he took over the company.
1939: World War II made business impossible.
1948: Walter returned to Angola and Southwest Africa to capture and ship African fauna.
1951, The Schulz family moved to East London, South Africa.
1954: Walter Schulz founded Zoopark Okahandja which was also a transfer station. Walter captured elephants and other game in South Western Africa.
1969: The Schulzs provided 12 elephants to germany.
1979: Walter retired, and his son Jurgen Cristoph Schulz took over the business. He has been an active animal dealer in U.S.A.

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