Glasgow Zoo in United Kingdom

Glasgow Zoo

First elephant arrived1947
Last elephant left1993
Closed down2003
Address Calderpark, Uddingston
Zip-code G71 7RZ
Place Glasgow, Scotland
Country United Kingdom
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Glasgow Zoo, located at Calderpark, Uddingston, in Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom , was founded in 1947 and the first elephant arrived in 1947. The last elephant left in 1993. Glasgow Zoo closed down in 2003.

Comments / picturesGlasgow Zoo kept a total of four elephants 1947-2003: Freda, Sari, Kirsty and Twiggy.

The last known elephant at Glasgow Zoo was Kirsty, a female Indian. She was sent to London Zoo and then trough Chester Zoo onto Dublin Zoo.
Kirsty left Glasgow back in 1993 and a Polar Bear went in 1996. Glasgow Zoo closed for good for the public on 22nd August 2003 and the last animal shipped out was the Barbary Sheep and Peccaries, on 31st December 2003.

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