Cologne Zoo (Zoo Köln) in Germany

Cologne Zoo (Zoo Köln)
Photo: © Stephanie Wroben, Germany

Photo: © Stephanie Wroben, Germany
OwnerAktiengesellschaft Zoologischer Garten Köln/Stadt Köln
First elephant arrived1864
AddressRiehler Straße 173

Directors1860-1869: Dr Heinrich Bodinus, later director of Berlin Zoo
1870–1886 Nicolas Funck
1886–1888 Ludwig Heck, later director of Berlin Zoo
1888–1928 Ludwig Wunderlich
1929–1938 Friedrich Hauchecorne
1938–1951 Werner Zahn
1952–1975 Wilhelm Windecker
1975–1981 Ernst Kullmann
1981–2006 Gunther Nogge
2007-now: Theo Pagel and Christopher Landsberg

Head keepers
of elephants
?-2012: Brian Batstone

In 2020, 43 Asian and 12 African elephants had been kept in Cologne Zoo.

1860: Founded in 1860, Cologne Zoo is the third oldest Zoo in Germany.

1864: The first Asian female elephant arrived in 1864, no name or picture is known from this elephant.

1868: She was followed by another two Asian female elephants in 1868.

1901: A male and female Asian elephants, with the names Tom and Dora.

1874: The first African elephant arrived.

1895: A second African elephant with the name Magascha, arrived.

1940: Due the Worldwar II, elephants were removed.

1950: Again the first elephants arrived.

1954: African elephant Savani arrived.

1969: Two African elephants arrived, Pretti and Tanga.

1998: Tanga died.

2004: Savani died in the old house.

2005: Pretti was relocated to Zoo Planete Suavage, where she died in 2012.

The elephants were for many years kept in an old elephant house, a Moorish-looking building, that amazingly survived the bombing in World War II, but in 2004 a totally new area was changed into an "Elephant park" with a new house and the largest outdoor enclosure north of the Alps.

Cologne Zoo Köln elephant house
Photo: © Stephanie Wroben, Germany

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