Cologne Zoo (Köln Zoo) in Germany

Cologne Zoo (Köln Zoo)
Photo: © Stephanie Wroben, Germany
Photo: © Stephanie Wroben, Germany

Local name Zoo Köln, Kölner Zoo

OwnerAktiengesellschaft Zoologischer Garten Köln/Stadt Köln
Size20 hectares (49 acres)
Total nrs10000
First elephant arrived1864
Number of species850
Number of animals10000
Address Riehler Straße 173
Zip-code 50735
Place Köln
Country Germany
Website Website
YouTube ChannelYouTube Channel

Directors 1860-1869: Heinrich Bodinus (director)
1870-1886: Nicolas Funck (director)
1886-1888: Ludwig Heck (director)
1952-1975: Wilhelm Windecker (director)
1975-1981: Ernst Kullmann (director)
1981-2007: Gunther Nogge (director)
2007: Theo Pagel (director)

Key People 1971-1978: Brian Batstone (zookeeper)
1991-2007: Theo Pagel (zoologist)


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
2000-2005: Brian Batstone
(elephant head-keeper)

Elephant keepers 1963-1966: Wolfgang Nehring
1979-2000: Brian Batstone
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Photo: © Stephanie Wroben, Germany

Photo: © Stephanie Wroben, Germany
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Cologne Zoo (Köln Zoo), located at Riehler Straße 173, in Köln, Germany , was founded in 1860 and the first elephant arrived in 1864.

Living elephants

At the Cologne Zoo (Köln Zoo) lives 10 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)
  1. Bindi born 2012-07-25
  2. Bindu born 1968
  3. Kreeblamduan born 1984
  4. Laongdaw born 1990
  5. Leev Ma Rie born 2020-06-18
  6. Marlar born 2006-03-30
  7. Sarinya born 2023-06-14
  8. Shu Thu Zar born 1994-06-03
  9. Tarak born 2005-10-28
  10. Tong Koon born 1984

Comments / picturesThe zoo was founded in 1860. The world wars led to a phase of stagnation, and the zoo had to close for two years entirely, after virtually being destroyed in World War II. It reopened in 1947; the aquarium was added in 1971. In 2020, 43 Asian and 12 African elephants had been kept in Cologne Zoo.

1860: Founded in 1860, Cologne Zoo is the third oldest Zoo in Germany.

1864: The first Asian female elephant arrived in 1864, no name or picture is known from this elephant.

1868: She was followed by another two Asian female elephants in 1868.

1874: The first African elephant arrived.

1874: The zoo is flooded by the nearby river.

1882: The zoo is again flooded by the nearby river.

Cologne Zoo (Köln Zoo) in Germany Germany
An African elephant demolishing its stable during a flooding.

1901: A male and female Asian elephants, with the names Tom and Dora.

1895: A second African elephant with the name Magascha, arrived.

1940: Due the Worldwar II, elephants were removed.

1950: Again the first elephants arrived.

1954: African elephant Savani arrived.

1969: Two African elephants arrived, Pretti and Tanga.

1998: Tanga died.

2004: Savani died in the old house.

2005: Pretti was relocated to Zoo Planete Suavage, where she died in 2012.

The elephants were for many years kept in an old elephant house, a Moorish-looking building, that amazingly survived the bombing in World War II, but in 2004 a totally new area was changed into an "Elephant park" with a new house and the largest outdoor enclosure north of the Alps.

2006: import of a Group of female Asian elephants from Thailand.

Cologne Zoo (Köln Zoo) in Germany GermanyWeight of the different elephants 2022

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