Bondla zoo in India

Bondla zoo

Address Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary
Place Margao, Goa
Country India


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Bondla zoo, located at Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, in Margao, Goa, India .

Comments / picturesA tiny Zoo permits one to see the fauna of Goa in moated enclosures with natural surroundings. Animal exhibts include, Panther, Lion, Gaur, Sambar, Deers (Spotted, Hog & Barking ) Sloth Bear, Crocodiles, Reptiles etc. Initially established to shelter orphaned and injured animals. The park also offers elephant rides for tourists.

2009-01-12: Posting of two elephants from Bondla zoo to help forest department staff patrolling Goas border areas around Chandel and Hassapur has helped keep two pachyderms, which had destroyed crops in Mopa and Anconem, at bay for some time.

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