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Morioka Zoological Park
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Morioka Zoological Park, in Iwate, Japan, was founded in 1989.

Living elephants

At Morioka Zoological Park lives 1 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)

  1. Mao born 2002-06-13
  2. ,

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2018-11-29: Male elephant Taro died, 27 years old. Tarro arrived in 1991.

2020-06-22: Visitors to a Japanese zoo are playing their part in helping an overweight female African elephant make progress on a diet-and-exercise regime to prepare it for a groundbreaking attempt at artificial insemination. Mao, 18, gained some 500 kilograms when put on a special feeding program following the death of her mate in November 2018.

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2020-06-22Elephant at japan zoo goes on diet with help of visitors - Elephant News

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