Circus Franconi (Cirque Franconi) in France

Circus Franconi (Cirque Franconi)
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Circus Franconi (Cirque Franconi), in Paris, France.

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Circus Franconi in Paris may have been the first circus exhibiting an elephant doing tricks.

Philip Astley impressed Louis XV with the horses, acrobats, jugglers and clowns he brought to Versailles in 1782. Astley and his sons would go on to build the Amphithéâtre Anglais, located where the Place de la Republique is today.

During the French Revolution, the master of Astley’s birds, Antonio Franconi (1738 in Venice, Italy - 1836 in Paris, France), leased the theatre from his employer and Franconi’s Cirque Olympique became the first French circus. Franconi and his sons made many improvements to their theatre, including setting the diameter of the circus ring at 13m, which remains the standard to this day.

Franconis sons Henri and Minette took over the Circus 1863 after their fathers death.

Elephant trainer 1812 was Laurent Franconi, (died same year as his brother Henri-1849), son to the owner of the circus.
Henris son Henri Narcisse Franconi was frontname for the Franconi’s Hippodrome which opened in New York on May 2, 1953

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