Moscow Zoo in Russian Federation

Moscow Zoo
Local nameMoskovskii Zoopark
AddressB. Gruzinskaya 1
CountryRussian Federation

VeterinariansMikhail Alshinetskiy
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1985: Greta and Betty were both born in 1983 at Kruger National Park and imported to Russia in July 1985.

2002-11-19: The african female Flora was transfered to Moscow Zoo from USSR Government Circus

2007: During loading for transport, The african elephant Flora killed the keeper Olga Grishina. Greta and Betty were transferred together from the Moscow Zoo to Spain in October 2007.

Soon after my visit to Woburn I took a transport of animals by sea from Lübeck to what was then Imperial Russia. The animals were for the zoos of Petersburg today Leningrad and Moscow. In that vast empire there were at the time only four rather small zoos, apart from the huge animal preserve known as Askania-Nova in the Crimea, which belonged to the landowner Friedrich Faltz-Fein, and there were to be seen examples of Przewalski's horse, zebras and other animals of the steppes living in comparative freedom. In Moscow I was taken by an elderly and white-haired inspector to see two huge bull elephants which had lived there a good fifty years. He told me that they had been the present of an Indian prince to the Tsar, and had made the long journey from India to Moscow on foot, escorted by a squadron of Cossack cavalry....Thus those two Moscow bull elephants were not merely a zoological enrichment of the menagerie of a Tsar, but, more profoundly, a diplomatic gesture of friendship for the man *vho was then the 'ruler of all the Russias.'

Animals are my life, by Lorenz Hagenbeck

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