Circus Renz in Germany

Circus Renz
Local name Zirkus Renz, Circus Olympic

Last elephant left1897
Closed down1897
Place Berlin
Country Germany


Key People-1861: Lorenz Wulff (animal trainer)


Elephant department

Head keepers
of elephants
-1887: Ephriam Thompson
(elephant trainer)

Elephant keepers
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Circus Renz, in Berlin, Germany , was founded in 1842. The last elephant left in 1897. Circus Renz closed down in 1897.

Comments / picturesErnst Jacob Renz (Born 1815 in Böckingen bei Heilbronn, dead 1892 in Berlin) started Circus Olympic in 1842 with his wife and Gotthold Schumann (1805-1898).

1892: His oldest son Franz Renz (1846 -1901) took over the circus after Ernst death in 1892.
1897: Franz renz dissolved the company in 1897.
1899: Albert Schumann took over the rests of the circus and rename it Circus Schumann.

Ernst nephew Robert Renz died also in 1897, but his wife Thérese Renz (1859 -1938) toured as Circus Renz with her son Hugo Renz, until he died in heart problems. After some time one of the two elephants died.

Thérese Renz sold the last elephant to Circus Knie.

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