Heidelberg Zoo in Germany

Heidelberg Zoo
OwnerTiergarten Heidelberg gGmbH
Size10.2 ha (0.102 km2)
Opened for public1934
Number of species174
Number of animals1443
AddressTiergartenstrasse 3

Directors1998-now: Klaus Wünnemann

Head keepers
of elephants
Stefan Aspegren
Stefan Geretschläger
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Heidelberg Zoo, located at Tiergartenstrasse 3, in Heidelberg, Germany, was founded in 1933, opened for public in 1934.

Living elephants

At Heidelberg Zoo lives 4 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)

  1. Khin Yadanar Min born 2009-07-27
  2. ,
  3. Ludwig born 2011-05-06
  4. ,
  5. Namsai born 2013-07-27
  6. ,
  7. Tarak born 2005-10-28
  8. ,

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Heidelberg Zoo is a zoo in Germany which was founded in 1933 and opened for the public on 20 November 1934. Since 1998, the zoo director has been Klaus Wünnemann. A new elephant house was opened in 2010, where only young elephant bulls are kept, as part of the EEP breeding programme for Asian elephants

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