Circus Rosaire in United Kingdom

Circus Rosaire
First elephant arrived1939
AddressCoxes Farm Road
CountryUnited Kingdom
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Circus Rosaire, located at Coxes Farm Road, in Billericay , in United Kingdom and the first elephant arrived in 1939.

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Fred and Florence Ross, known as Count and Countess Rosaire, had the son Ivor Rosaire, born on July 8, 1911, at Pontefract, Yorkshire,, dead 2005-12-24 at the age of 94. Ivor married Lucy Garner (died from Alzheimer’s Disease in 1995). Ivor and Lucy had had two children who survived, Juliette and Derrick Rosaire.

During the thirties, Ivor presented the legendary elephants Salt and Sauce, firt at Circus Rosaire, and later on other circuses.
1939: Circus Rosaire acquired its own elephant, Princess Monice, which Ivor trained and worked in with the celebrated film star Sabu.
1950: He had ten of Chipperfield’s elephants in London with Tom Arnold’s Circus at Haringey Arena in 1950
1948-1954: worked an act of sixteen (at one time, a group of five bull elephants) Chipperfield elephants.
1957-1965: Ivor worked as elephant trainer at Sir Robert Fossetts Circus
1963-1964: Rosaire and the elephants were leased by John Ringling North, during Ringlings europe tour.

I was 16 when I met Ivor, that was 1957 in my home town of Loughborough, and last time I saw him in 1962. i spent many hours with the elephants,and felt privileged that Ivor allowed me on the inside. i felt a special bond with Carla, and was told that she was 16,which would have meant she was born 1940. she was certainly a very big girl. i took her harness off after the show.i was more wary with the others,they were Chikita, June, Nagra and Monica. It was Monica that appeared with Ivor on double your money and was the youngest.
Georgina Gebski, UK.

Derrick Rosaire Senior (born in South Wingfield, England) came to the United States in 1960, and decided to stay. He has five children: Pamela Rosaire Zoppe, Kay Rosaire, Derrick Rosaire Junior, Linda Rosaire and Ellian Rosaire, see

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