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Seth B. Howes, United States . Seth B. Howes closed down in 1870.

Comments / pictures1851: In 1851 P. T. Barnum and Seth B. Howes imported (9-11??) elephants from Ceylon, It was the largest Group imported to that time. All of them were placed on Barnums Asiatic Caravan, Museum and Menagerie/P. T. Barnums Grand Colossal Museum and Menagerie from 1851 through 1854, although it would appear that one of them died in 1851 (this large import was realized in Ceylon by Stebbings June and Goerge Nutter, the latter was elephant keeper at Menagerie Raymond & Waring, where he took care of the two Asian elephant bulls Virginius and Pizarro, who died in 1947). One of the imports, Tom
Thumb, was a nine-month-old calf so he couldn't be counted in the parade Group Leaving out the one that apparently died in 1851, their names were Pizarro, Mogul, Canada. and Mickey, all males; and females Fanny, Jenny and Mary. When the caravan was auctioned at the end of the 1854 season. S. B. Howes bought all seven elephants for 52,300. (Source: The elephant in America 1840-1860, by Stuart Thayer)

(This record may actually refer to the previously mentioned import of 1851
1852: Imported 10 or 11 elephants with Barnum. Seth B. Howes, on his own account, imported eleven elephants and set to work organizing the largest show as yet seen here for the season of 1852. Howes induced P. T. Barnum to join in the venture, although he then had his hands full in managing Jennie Lind. Barnum at first demurred against the alliance for monetary reasons, having $100,000 tied up as security for his contract with the "Swedish Nightingale." Howes, who was not looking for capital, wanted Barnum, his popularity, his pen and his name and P. T. was aamitted to the firm without putting up a cent.The Circus in the Days of Old, by Charles H. Day,

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