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Catalina Wild Life Expeditions (Noel Rosefelt)
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Catalina Wild Life Expeditions (Noel Rosefelt), located in Avalon, in United States.

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In August 1947, Catalina Wild Life Expeditions chartered a four-motor cargo plane to bring a shipment of wild animals and birds to the US, including baby elephants, tigers, leopards, gibbons, monkeys and birds, among other animals. An add was run advertising four to six year old baby Indian elephants for $3,750 a piece, as well as young Bengal tigers for $900 per animal. He stated that these animals were due to arrive in Los Angeles on August 20.

In 1948, Noel Rosefelt imported one of the largest wild animal shipments to America since before World War II. The SS President Grant brought elephants, bears, monkeys, pythons, cobras and thousands of birds from Siam. Originally boarding nine elephants, three died, two of them at sea. According to Rosefelt, four of the elephants were headed for the Tom Packs Circus at New Orleans, one to the Sacramento Zoo and the sixth to the Henry Vilas Zoo in Madison Wisconsin.

In January 1953, the television program "You Asked For It" filmed the training progress of Polack Brothers Circus' new elephant act by Mac MacDonald at Louis Goebel's Animal Farm. The animals were six of the seven recently arrived from the Orient via the Catalina Wild Life Expeditions. They had been held by rebels in French Indo-China before American citizenship was proven and they proceeded to Hong Kong for export. Another shipment was planned by Rosefelt for April or May.

In August 1953, Catalina Wild Life Expeditions imported four elephants, seven tigers, seventy five monkeys, 3 leopards, bears and birds from Indo-China.

In May 1954, Noel Rosefelt delivered eight baby elephants to Louis Goebel, elephant dealer in Thousand Oaks, California. One was delivered to the Moulin Rouge, a Sunset Boulevard night spot for training by Tony Gentry. The other seven were to be delivered to zoos. The animals were transported aboard the American President Lines SS President Harding after capture in Cambodia and loaded in Saigon, Vietnam.

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