Kharkiv Zoo (Kharkov Zoo) in Ukraine

Kharkiv Zoo (Kharkov Zoo)

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Oleg Hryshchenko
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Kharkiv Zoo (Kharkov Zoo), in Kharkiv, Ukraine, was founded in 1895.

Living elephants

At Kharkiv Zoo (Kharkov Zoo) lives 1 elephants with records in this database: (detail list)

  1. Aung Naing born 1997-11-09
  2. ,

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Charkow Zoo had the first second Zoo generation birth in europe, Charkowtschanka.

Outdoor elephant enclosure of Kkarkov Zoo cinsists of two parts surranded by metal tubes, a corridor for taking the elephants to other enclosure or to the pool. The outdoor enclosure is 750 m2. There are dry trees and a shed in the enclosures. The floor of the enclosure is covered by a sand layer 60 cm deep, with a 40 cm deep gravel layer for drainage.

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