Boswell Circus in South Africa

Boswell Circus

Owner -1942: Jim Boswell
1882-1963: James Clements Boswell II
Closed down1963
Country South Africa

Directors-1911: Harry Boswell (director)
: Stanley Boswell (director)
: Jack Boswell (director)

Key People -: Rebecca Boswell (artist)
-: Louisa Powell (assistant director)


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Boswell Circus, South Africa , was founded in 1882. Boswell Circus closed down in 1963.

Comments / picturesJames Boswell was a clown, horseman and equilibrist who died 1859.
His eldest son, James Clements Boswell, established his own circus - "Boswell\'s Circus".
James children came to South Africa in 1911 to join Fillis Circus, but Fillis' Circus closed down within some months.
1916: The circus became known as the Boswell Brothers' Circus and Menagerie, later directed by two brothers Sydney and Walter Boswell, with their nephew Stanley Boswell.
1921: The first Asian elephant was bought in 1921 from Frank Willison, an American who ran a circus in Madagascar. She was a cow called Molly, who arrived in Durban by ship together with a bear.
1963: Merge with Boswell Circus, as Boswell-Wilkies Circus, with none of the Boswell family present on the circus.

Stanley Boswells son, Brian, later (1982) started his own circus Brian Boswells Circus.

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