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Doris and Colvin Circus, located in United States.

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1883: John Bonner Doris started the 1883 season as the sole owner of the Great Interocean Circus.
1887: A half interest was then sold to E. D. Colvin, a showman who had managed several good sized circuses and with whom it was agreed that the title would be then changed to the Doris & Colvin Circus for the 1887 season, as well as the show greatly enlarged.

Erasmus Darwin Colvin was born 30 June 1843 at Darwin, NY, and died 23 Oct 1901, son of Delos and Amanda Gillette Colvin.

"The Washington Post" [Washington, DC], 24 Oct 1901:

New York, Oct. 23 -- E. D. Colvin, the American Agent of the Barnum & Bailey
circus, died at the Sturtevant House here to-day. In addition to his circus
interests, he was one of the proprietors of the Bijou Theatre, Chicago.

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