Circus Henry (Heinrich Koschke) in Germany

Circus Henry (Heinrich Koschke)
Circus building Henry in Stuttgart, Germany
Circus building Henry in Stuttgart, Germany

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Circus Henry (Heinrich Koschke), in Stuttgart, in Germany.

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1862: Heinrich Gotthelf Koschke was born in Berlin 1862, and became later baker.
1882: Started to work for the horse trainer Anton Klieber, during his shows in Cottbus.
1885: H. Koschke married Pernitza, a dressage-star.
1888: Koschke started his own circus Henry, together with his wife Pernitza, and toured Austria and Hungary.
1901: Toured for the first time in Germany.
1910: A program says he showed elephants.

1914: Koschke sold his circus to Sarrasani and bought a candle factory. His two daughters, Henriette and Hortense were both very fine riders.
1914: Ida Welena Hortense Koschke married Willy Pantzer on the 8th March 1914. (divorced in 1937) They had one child Alfred Pantzer who became Freddie Harrison - acrobat and pianist. Fred only had one son, Rod Harrison.
Later he bought the small castle Herminenhof in Wels (Oberösterreich), Austria.
1935: Heinrich Koschke died in Graz-Austria.

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