Captive born elephants at Assam unspecified forest in India

AgeBirthDeath dateParentsPresent or last LocationArrival
1+ Rani
EM F <1965 x Circus Carl Althoff1970-00-00
2+ Akkavila Kannan
EM M 271992?2019-01-25 x L. Saiju2006-00-00
EM F 391982? x Chhat Bir Zoo (Mahinder Singh Zoological park)1995-00-00
EM F 441977 x Chhat Bir Zoo (Mahinder Singh Zoological park)1995-00-00
EM F 561965? x Chhat Bir Zoo (Mahinder Singh Zoological park)1977-00-00
6 EEP id: 6002 + Nika
EM F 4119581999-12-01 x Estepona Selwo safari park1999-10-22
7 SSP id: 399 + Gunda
EM M 1818971915-06-21 x Bronx Zoo1904-07-02
8+ noname (wild)
EM F 182010-02-28 x Assam unspecified forest

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Facts about Captive born elephants at Assam unspecified forest in India, Elephant Encyclopedia, Koehl, D. (2021), available online retrieved 12 May 2021 at (archived at the Wayback machine)

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